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Popular products

Screw Grommet (Product Code: FIX0269)

From: £0.04 per 100 pcs
Wheel Arch Clip Long 6N0809966A VW Polo 95

Cable Tie Side Mount Edge Clip (Product Code: 48058)

From: £0.15 per 100 pcs
4.7x1.3mm Cable Tie Mounted in 2 directions on part side elevation

Pine Tree Clip (Product Code: 47139)

From: £0.05 per 100 pcs
Pine Tree ClipHole Size: 4.0mmPanel range: 0.9 - 8.0mmHead Dia: 9.5mm

R Lok Rivet (Product Code: 47042)

From: £0.07 per 100 pcs
3.8 mm pinHole Size: 6.1mmPanel Range: 3.9 - 6.0mmHead Dia: 17.0mm

Barrel Damper - Partial rotation (220 degrees) (Product Code: 43001-30)

From: £0.77 per 100 pcs
Torque options: 15, 20 & 30Ncm. See drawing for full dimensional information.

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